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„Installs pistons from 2-7/8“ to 4-3/ 8“(73-111mm).
Ratcheting lock allows for bands to compress in small increments.
Can be used parallel vertically perpendicular horizontally.
Set includes pliers and six bands.
Band Size:
2 7/8in. –3 1/8in. (73–79mm)
3 1/8in.–3 3/8in. (79–86mm)
3 3/8in.–3 5/8in. (86–92mm)
3 5/8in.–3 7/8in. (92–98mm)
3 7/8in.–4 1/8in. (98–105mm)
4 1/8in.– 4 3/8in. (105–111mm)“