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Alkūninio veleno fiksatoriai BMW-MINI


Crankshaft Locking Tool, BMW / Mini

  • for almost all BMW and Mini models
  • for locking the crankshaft when the gearbox is removed
  • for changing the flywheel or the engine gasket
  • for timing chain replacement or engine repair

for engine codes: B37, B38, B46, B47, B48, B57, B58, M47, M54, M57, N13, N20, N26, N40, N42, N43, N45, N46, N47, N51, N52, N53, N54, N55, N57, N62, N63, N73, N74, S55, S58, S63, S65, S85, W17

BMW, MINI – OEM – 116480, 114180, 119260 / 119810